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Hiring a photographer is one of your most important wedding decisions since their work will be the lasting product from vendors hired.  With so many people offering to do your photos and others telling you who they like, how do you know who to hire?  Although personal references are always great, does the other person really know about quality work, lighting, posing, cameras, film or albums?  Probably not.  They just like the photographer’s personality and are happy with the work done for them.  In many cases this works out just fine for everyone.  What should YOU look for since more and more people are making  that 2nd income taking wedding photos?  Beware the user of 35mm and low-end digital cameras that many people use.  The quality level is quite low since many of these people have their work processed cheaply at a local outlet.  Ask about how they light your wedding portraits.  Regardless of cameras used, even medium format professional models, if they use only on camera flash type lighting, you may get red eye, bad shadows, flash marks on the skin, and great variances in lighting density causing different colors from pose to pose.


Why are we different from many of these nice people?  We have a full service studio by appointment only. We use professional top of the line digital cameras. We bring a complete multi light studio system to photograph your wedding.  With over 30 years of studio experience and over 40,000 couples, brides, and families photographed, I know we will do a great job for you too.  We have MANY packages to fit every budget. You can’t know the difference without viewing the work. Call us at 309-751-7275.

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